Tearing down a house might be easier than trying to fix-up a home that has completely deteriorated. It’s also less expensive than, say, moving a home to another lot. But sometimes the home is in such poor condition the home can’t be salvaged.

Is the House Worth Tearing Down? Sterling Custom Homes can advise you if it makes financial sense to tear down the house. A house that may look like a total ruin to you might be salvageable. Fixing crumbling walls, sagging roofs or sloping foundations is not as expensive as you may imagine.

On the other hand, with even postage-stamped lots selling in some areas for more than $300,000, the land on which the home is situated might be worth more without a house that has outlived its useful life.

Check with your city building department to find out if the home you want to tear down is on a historical preservation list. In certain areas an older home (i.e. Victorian) cannot be destroyed, even if their foundations and wood components are decayed.

Before you tear down a house there are numerous items to consider:
Obtain a Permit.
Check with the Fire Department and Utility Companies.
Inspect for Hazardous Materials.
Call Your Mortgage Lender.
Submit Building Plans for Approval
Moving the House Instead of Tearing it Down
Sterling Custom Homes has extensive experience in the demolition process which is a project unto itself